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Blue Jay Dental is the leader in pedodontist and orthodontist recruitment and specialty practice sales. Since its inception in 2009, Blue Jay has prided itself on its professionalism, customer service, and work ethic. And we're ready to apply those priniciples to your needs. Whether you're an pedontontis in need of a new pediatric job or a practice in need of a new pedodontist, Blue Jay Dental is here to help.

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Pediatric Dental Practice Sales

If you are looking for to sell your practice, Blue Jay Dental has nationwide connections to both pedodontist and orthodontist buyers. Our focused approach to pediatric and orthodontic specialities brings more potential buyers to consider your practice. If you are interested in selling your pracitce, please apply here.


Associate Dentist Jobs at

If you are looking for associate dentist jobs, please visit our general dentist division at Dentist There you will find hundreds of nationwide general dentist jobs, many of which are unadvertised.


HOT New Pedodontist and Orthodontist Jobs!

Are you tired of competing with all the other pedontists who are applying for the same jobs advertised on the internet? Blue Jay Dental marketers uncover dozens of unadvertised specialty jobs each month. Here are a few of our most recent...

Valdosta Georgia Pediatric Dentist Job
Dentist Job in Woodstock Georgia
Nashua New Hampshire Pediatric Dentist Job
Cape Girardeau Missouri Pedodontist Job
Pediatric Dentist job in Columbus Ohio
Philadelphia Pennsylvania Pedodontist Job
Pediatric Dentist Job in Gretna Nebraska
Pediatric Dentist Job in Richmond Virginia
Pediatric Dentist Job in Austin Texas - Pedodontist


Pediatric Dentist Job Access with Blue Jay Dental on Facebook and Twitter!

Every new dentist job we find is immediately advertised on the social media highway at Facebook and Twitter. We try very hard to keep our social media sites current. This is the very best way to get the newest jobs as they come available. If you would like to have all our newest jobs, please visit our facebook page and "like" our site.
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